Monday, December 4, 2017

Who is this? Your answer makes all the difference

Morning: Psalms 1,2,3; Amos 2.6–16; 2 Peter 1.1–11
In Matthew’s story, Jesus enters humbly into Jerusalem. This echoes Zechariah’s prophecy (9:9) about a king on a donkey.  The crowd knows the prophecy and welcomes its new king.  Then people start to ask, “Who is this?”  If Jesus really is the promised king, something world-changing is happening.  The last 2000 years of history has largely agreed with Matthew’s story.  It’s controversial but who can be indifferent about this?  You have to decide who this man Jesus is.  And your answer may make as much difference to you as history’s answer has made to the world.  Who is this Jesus?

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