Thursday, June 1, 2017

The quality of mercy

Morning: Psalm 105:1-22; Ezekiel 18:1-4, 19-32; Hebrews 7:18-28
Evening: Psalm 105:23-45; Luke 10:25-37
Jesus teaches often about fullness of life.  The Gospel calls it “eternal life.”  Some imagine this means a life that goes on forever.  But would Jesus really want to make us long for something unattainable, even undesirable?  Instead, I think Jesus is teaching that eternal life is the way of being human that will ultimately prevail.  It is living well.  Jesus wants us to see that being a neighbour in deeds of mercy, even to strangers, is the way to really live.  Mercy lasts forever.  Shakespeare wrote that mercy “is an attribute to God himself.”  And God is eternal.


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