Monday, June 12, 2017

Small, faithful actions make a big difference

Morning: Psalm 15, 67; Job 29:1-16; Acts 4:32-37
Evening: Psalm 19, 146; Acts 9:26-31
Today the Church remembers Barnabas, who sold a field and gave the proceeds to the apostles.  This was in keeping with their revolutionary practice of holding possessions in common.  Barnabas gave his property to serve the common good.  Later, he brought to the apostles a man named Saul, who had persecuted Christians. Barnabas vouched for him.  Saul, as Paul, spread the message of Jesus throughout the known world.  So indirectly, Barnabas’ acts of faithfulness changed the world.  May Barnabas inspire us, too, to the small acts of faithfulness that make more of a difference than we can ever imagine.


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