Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It’s never that simple

Morning: Psalm 78:1-39; I Samuel 1:21-2:11; Acts 1:15-26
Evening: Psalm 78:40-72; Luke 20:19-26

We sometimes make “suckers’ choices” out of life’s necessary decisions, saying things like, “You have to decide: is it this or that?”  They did that with Jesus, asking whether the Jewish people, who were subject to Roman occupation, should pay taxes to the emperor or not.  Jesus’ response suggested that choices are never that simple.  Both obligations may be valid. “Give to the emperor (Caesar) what is the emperor’s and to God what belongs to God.”  When someone presents you with an impossible choice, there is often a third option … that both are not only possible but necessary.



  1. Franciscan priest Richard Rohr (https://cac.org/richard-rohr/richard-rohr-ofm/ ) speaks of our tendency to 'dualistic thinking' in this regard. Sometimes there is an answer that accommodates both choices, but at other times it would (possibly) be missing the whole truth to decide one way or the other. In such cases, Rohr suggests we need to keep both options in tension resisting the inclination to come down on one or the other side.

    See for example https://cac.org/dualistic-nondual-thinking-weekly-summary-2017-02-04/

  2. Thanks Tim, Yes, it's like this when we disagree with one another too - we often need to listen on another level to find a deeper connection, even 'agreement'.